Writing a Dissertation Proposal Sample That Will Get You Approval

Writing a Dissertation Proposal Sample That Will Get You Approval

It is sometimes normal to draft a paper sample to convince the supervisor that you can handle your dissertation or any other academic paper. However, there are those instances where you may not be in a position to write a perfect project after all.

That is why it would be best to establish how you will go about it. Here, you will learn a few things, including how to draft a sample paper that will convince the supervisor that you are up to the task.

Before Drafting the Research Dissertation Proposal

Before you write any proposal, it is a good idea to know what you wish to achieve. You must first understand the main objectives to understand how to complete your work. The following are guidelines you can follow to figure that out:

  • Identify the sources to cite in your dissertation
  • Choose a good title
  • Start by writing a compelling introduction
  • Make your dissertation introduction interesting
  • Write an exhaustive bibliography
  • Your conclusion
  • Proofread and edit the final draft

Steps in Drafting a Perfect Research Dissertation Proposal Sample

If you have followed these steps and proceed to write the sample paper, the following will come in handy.

Read the Guidelines Accurately

Your supervisor will provide excellent guidelines on the best way to present your proposal sample. Besides, they are also interested in guiding you in the procedure you will follow during the writing process. If they give you exact information on what you should do, it will be best if you follow them.

Identify the Right Topic

The topic of a dissertation should provide a clear picture of your research question. The topic should come about after you have understood the central objective of the proposal. It must also be clear and precise enough to suit the topic of the proposal. It should also be a reasonable proposal, one that is not too challenging.

Determine the Structure

The structure of your proposal must capture all the sections that make up your dissertation. If the topic is sufficient to define each of the sections, it is best to draft a proposal that only has the sections you need. You may choose to write the introduction first, which will include all the other subsections. After all that is done, you may now write the body, which consists of the current issues that need to be solved. Finally, you must conclude your dissertation proposal sample with a thesis statement, a proofreading of your work, and a simple edit for error.


You must proofread your proposal before you submit it for approval. Every paper that you present has to pass through several checks before being assigned to a particular student. There are things that will cause your proposal to fail or even be rejected entirely. For instance, this could be the fact that you are not passionate about the subject, or you have used vague language that does not carry weight with your supervisor. These and many other issues can prevent your proposal from passing.

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